Why SEO Strategy is A Missing Link in Your Success Journey

Don’t know how to rank your business website higher in search engine results? Fret not, as you can implement an SEO strategy to give your small business the exposure it needs to compete with the big guys.

In this article, we’ll share with you a few of these helpful SEO best practices that you can use in your SEO strategy right away to increase your website visibility.

1. Create Local Landing Pages

If your business offers service in more than one community where you’re located, an effective website SEO tool to personalize and localize content is creating local landing pages.

Look at your customer database and see where your customers come from so you can create local landing pages for those communities.

The use of local landing pages will boost the visibility of your website and give the impression that your business focuses on the community. This helps build trust and loyalty with potential new and existing customers living in nearby localities. Show your clients that you care about customer experience by making sure the website is easy to navigate and understand.

2. Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

Data shows that 50.81% of web traffic comes from mobile devices these days. This means that a considerable portion of the population will not see your business online if you have not implemented a website that works on mobile devices.

With a fully optimized website, visitors can land on your home page with a tablet, desktop computer, mobile, or any other device and still access the content without any hassle. The idea of a responsive website is that users have a seamless time on your website without facing any difficulty, which helps your website gain reputation.

3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you’re already using keywords in your website content, you may be giving your competitors a run for the money. But to keep up with current trends, long-tail keywords are the way to go.

keword research - sep strategy

Studies indicate that long-tail searches generate 2.5X better outcomes than short-tail keywords. When you think about it, long-tail keywords allow for slightly more information related to your business, narrowing down search results to a much better and concentrated target audience.

Long-tail keywords must be relevant to your business or service to be effective in this application, but they do wonders when you use the right ones.

4. Optimize Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are pieces of information that search engines use to rank websites. The exciting thing about meta descriptions is that you can change them frequently to match what descriptions users input in search engine query windows.

When you have that information, combined with keywords that represent calls to action, your website traffic will increase, and your visitors will be those seeking whatever your website is promoting.

An ideal meta description has a maximum of 156 characters, and it should entice a user to take action immediately. An effective meta looks more like this: “buy an affordable bathroom sink near you” instead of “affordable bathroom sinks for sale.”

5. Create More Visual Content

You must have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, that rings true on website content as well. Call it eye candy if you want, but for your website to grab, interest, and retain visitors, it has to look attractive and contain visually appealing content.

illustration of a girl and boy working on website content - seo strategy

Naturally, the images you include must be relevant to your service/product and the content the images are located within. One more thing images do on a website is they provide the perfect breaks of chunks of text. Using the right photos and alt texts can convey your point without writing long articles.

6. Integrate Social Media into Your SEO Strategy

According to the Wall Street Journal, social media marketing was a completely different strategy for several years. But, now, it has become part of website SEO.

social media marketing illustration - seo strategy

Data verifies that the best marketing results come from a plan where the message is consistent across all possible feeds. It makes sense because the reach of a combination of websites and social media is far greater than any one of them by themselves.

Social media marketing puts your business in a position to communicate with your audience. It also gets people talking about and sharing your posts, increasing your reach.

7. Add An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

A lot of internet users look to find answers to their questions. An FAQ page enables you to do a few positives for your website and business.

illustration of women with FAQ word-Seo strategy

First, FAQ pages are an SEO trend per Forbes Magazine.

“It’s an excellent tool that will increase the organic search traffic to your website.”

The magazine says.

Second, the answers improve the authority of your business because you had the answer your readers were looking for.

Finally, an FAQ page serves as a lead generation tool. It enables you to include a simple form for visitors to fill out their questions or subscribe to your newsletter. Here’s an example from Digital Authority Partners on how an FAQ section can be added seamlessly to a landing page.

8. Add Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. Your business can get a competitive edge by simply investing in PPC campaigns.

drawing of a computer screen displaying ppc ad campaign

The competitive edge of PPC campaigns is that they’re purely target-driven. Plus, you only pay for the click traffic, not the seen traffic. You can use low-competition keywords, which in return increases brand awareness at a price that won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

The internet has changed how businesses market themselves. We no longer just rely on walk-in traffic to meet our financial goals; instead, we make strategies to reach out to potential customers and convert them.

Moreover, with competition jumping into the world of modern technology, you need to embrace the wonders of internet marketing to stay competitive in your business niche.

Businesses can achieve competitiveness by implementing a mix of best SEO strategies. The key points mentioned above are a few best practices that can help you craft a solid SEO strategy.

Integrate them into your SEO strategy to increase audience interest in your business offerings.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this post. Also, let us know if there’s any point we missed out on.

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